It’s time to get in the foxhole…

Ordinary faith

It looks like the fruits of eight plus years are ripening in America and they appear to be rather rancid. I can’t even bear to see the news because it is heartbreaking. Thousands and thousands of deceived souls on a rampage of even further destruction.

I believe we are witnessing the manifestation of the spiritual battle that up to now, we have been somewhat spared from. The battle has been raging, make no mistake of that- it’s just that while most were asleep the enemy was content to keep it low. Then suddenly something so huge happened that it literally shook believers up out of their coma and we began to pray like we meant it….because we realized that we were about to slide the rest of the way into the abyss.

They called it a miracle he won by a landslide. I’d say that was direct intervention by the…

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