1.16 – Kalalintu Island

Tangled Threads Publishing

Einarr tore the wax from his right ear with a curse. “We can’t leave him there.”

“You want to take on an entire island full of those things?” Tyr yelled, his ears still stopped.

Einarr rolled his eyes and gestured to his ear. Yes, it was a risk, but they had to plan this carefully – and he wasn’t about to do that like he was talking over a storm.

Tyr complied. “Odds are he’ll be dead before we even set foot on their little rock.”

“Erik? Not likely. You really think he can’t hold off those things on land?” They had no legs – only wings and a long, snakelike tail. A snake was quick, but a snake wasn’t pushing around the body of an albatross, either.

“Erik’s a good sailor, and a fine warrior. Certainly I’d rather have him with us than not. But is it worth the…

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