2.9 – Son of Erik

Tangled Threads Publishing

Einarr returned to the Vidofnir late that evening with Bardr and Jorir several silver poorer and an equal number of tankards less thirsty, with only two potential recruits found.

Bardr clapped him on the shoulder as they approached the Vidofnir’s mooring. “Don’t worry about it. Two men in an afternoon, on your first day out? That’s hard to complain about.”

Einarr shrugged. Maybe it wasn’t, but he couldn’t help but feel like he was supposed to have done more.

“Don’t look now,” Jorir interrupted. “But I think something happened while we were out.”

Men swarmed about the docks in front of their boat. The three men exchanged a look before taking off at a jog for the ship they called home.

The crew was clustered in a ring around the gangplank, with the men on the outside jockeying for position. Three men stood in the center of the ring:…

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