The Old Lady With the Crooked Back

Mrs. N's Ordinary Life

On the other side of the bridge that spans the river where the great white Japanese herons build their nests is a rusty old building. Actually, it’s the dirtiest, ugliest old building along the road. Made of what seems like centuries old wood and tin it leans slightly to the left as if it is just tired of standing straight all these years.

Not only is the building old and ugly but at first glance the grounds give it the appearance of being long abandoned. In the front there are rows of old, cracked plastic flower pots whose colors have faded to slate gray. Among the pots are dirt stained and worn Styrofoam containers that probably once held seafood judging by bits and pieces of label still stuck to them. They are now filled with dirt and weeds. The ground is strewn with rocks and what looks to be old…

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