Cancer journey; trusting God’s hand.

Rhythm In Life

sunset-1626515_1280Like an avalanche, my world was crumbling. I wanted to run, I wanted to hide, I wanted to wake up from this nightmare but no I couldn’t for that was my reality at that moment.

Like I have previously mentioned, our youngest was barely a month and our oldest had just turned 2. “Lord you know they need me, you know I desire to watch them grow, I long to hold them each passing day. Please grant me this one wish of life”. That became me blubbering just in case God had “forgotten” about me and my family.

Knowing that I was very ill caused me to switch into a panic mode but knew that I had to fully trust God’s hand;

  • Trust that He knows me and my family and the situation we were in.
  • Trust that He was allowing the cancer for His purpose even though it was…

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