African woman

Rhythm In Life


Soft is not my middle name

But I know to respect tradition

From my ancestors.

Being on my knees for the elders

Is my tradition not weakness.

I will not look you in the eye

If you wish to speak to me

And that is respect not disrespect

As you suspect.

I am prideful


And confident

Imitating the women of my life;

Mama, aunt and grandma


I am Africa’s daughter

A woman

Papa’s morning sun

Hibiscus flower

Of African soil

Not goods for trade;

Dare not place a price tag on me

In exchange for my hand in Marriage


Once I am married,

Pressure me not to bare

A “village” for the clan


I am only human

Just like u

Only blessed to be

An African woman.

~Susan McMillan

For many African women who still suffer under the pressure of tradition.

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