6.29 – Dispositions

Tangled Threads Publishing

Though the spirit had evidently dissipated the wind still howled about the little town. Somehow, now that all sense of threat was gone, the empty streets felt even more deserted than before.

Einarr took a deep breath and promised himself he would press Runa further – later. “At least the townspeople can come back now.”

“Assuming they want to.” Erik looked around and scratched his beard. “Based on what Arkja told us, I’m not sure that’s a good bet.”

“If the town is actually abandoned, that’s even more reason to start our resupply. Arkja’s men should be here soon.: let’s have a look around while we wait.”


By the time Arkja and his would-be bandits showed up, the four of them had gathered three barrels of clean water, four casks of ale, and sufficient salted fish to last five men as many days. It was a start, but that…

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