8.4 – Setting Sail

Tangled Threads Publishing

was not due to leave port for several more days. Einarr chafed at the
delay, but preferred not to take his chances on searching out another
boat. Especially given that Captain Kormund only brought them on
board out of half-remembered friendship for Stigander. Einarr was
well aware of how tenuous that made their position on board, and so
advised his companions to work twice as hard as they had before.
Accusations of favoritism
were pure poison on the open sea, and Einarr had no desire to bring
that down on his head.

though, the day dawned when the Eikthyrnir
was scheduled to leave port. The weather was clear and cool, as
Einarr had come to expect from this island, and his new shipmates did
not seem to begrudge him their Captain’s regard. If anything, they
seemed to pity him for it. But if there was one thing…

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