Jesus Christ Abolished Death

Powerful truth.

Entering the Promised Land

If you read and re-read the title, wondering about the truth of this seemingly simple statement, “Jesus Christ abolished… DEATH?”  🙄 you might feel the same way I did yesterday. I read an article by T. Austin-Sparks that left me both astonished and a bit bewildered at first. But then… No, I do not want to give away the ending yet. I am afraid, you need to read further if you want to know more.  😉 So, at first I am going to offer you this excerpt from one of TAS’ books that is called “Vocational Fellowship”. (1)

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To The Young Believer: “Only one thing is necessary.”

Life beyond the walls

Joash sat with excitement in the 3rd row at the lecture theatre in his new school where the Christian Union (CU) fellowship was taking place. As he listened to other students share their testimonies of how Jesus had transformed their lives, he wished that the meeting would not end.

It had only been the previous weekend when he himself had an encounter with Jesus. This was in the school main hall where the CU had organized a gospel outreach to the students popularly known as Weekend Challenge.

During the Weekend Challenge meeting, Joash had sat at the middle of the hall with the other form one students. He listened keenly to the preacher, and responded immediately when the call for those who’d want to receive Jesus in their heart was made.

Tears of joy ran down his face as he walked to the front to join the others who had…

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13.28 – Homecoming

Author’s Note: This marks the end of Book 13. Book 14 will begin on 12/7/2021.

When the Villgås finally returned to Breidelstein harbor, almost six months after its departure, they were met by a cheering mass of people on the docks – including, this time, Stigander himself. Einarr and Runa stood on the deck as the other four men took them to their berth. When their hull tapped the dock, Einarr hopped across himself to lash their boat fast even as Thjofgrir and Jorir put the gangplank in place.

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13.27 – Farewells

No matter what else he wanted to say about them, the svartdvergr knew how to throw a party.

One of the mead halls in the city had opened its doors to the Smiths and their allies, and by the time Einarr arrived with his crew it was already full to bursting and raucous with celebration. He shared a grin with Jorir, who once again stood at his side, and they crossed the threshold into the waiting feast.

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