10.13 – Inferno

Tangled Threads Publishing

Sorry for the delay, everyone. Our internet is still being spotty, but if you’re seeing this at least I managed to get the chapter through.

The fire was spreading rapidly deeper into the smokehouse and Lundholm’s food stores. The runes were once again his best chance of putting out the blaze, but he didn’t dare draw them. Not with the arsonist himself right there, Einarr’s blood on his axe. The man hardly noticed when he twisted Sinmora to draw her free.

Einarr brought his blade around again, but the arsonist caught it on his axe handle. “Who sent you?” He hissed. “Was this Kaldr’s plan?”

The man’s teeth pulled back from his teeth in a snarl. “That coward? Never. The glory of this raid belongs to Lord Urek.”

Einarr sprang back. That explained a lot, if “frothing” Urek had given the order here. Even as the thought crossed his mind…

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