1.15 – Assault on the Open Seas

Tangled Threads Publishing

For more than a week, the only real trouble that fell on the three men was the occasional spring rainstorm. Three days into the second week, the day dawned clear and still, and so Einarr and Erik drew out the oars and left the tiller to Tyr for the morning.

Early spring or not, by mid-morning Einarr’s brow was soaked with sweat and none of them had felt so much as a tickle of breeze. Off in the distance, Einarr thought he saw the dark, solid stripe that portended land. Tyr glanced down at the chart as something silver flashed beneath their hull. He jumped to his feet, his eyes wide.

“You said there were islands on our path?”

“Yes,” Einarr said in between breaths. He pressed the oar forward through the air.

“And today was around the time you thought we’d be reaching them?”

“Roughly. Why?”

The older sailor cursed. “We…

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