3.9 – Investigation

Allene R. Lowrey

The screams of terror from off in the distance brought Einarr out of his half-doze immediately. Almost before he knew it he was back on his feet, pulling on his chain shirt and reaching for his sword.

He was not the only one. From all over the ship he saw bodies moving about. Stigander lit a torch and watched, his lips pursed. He didn’t try to stop them, though, only ordered caution. With grunts of assent, the fifteen who rousted themselves to investigate vaulted back out of the Vidofnir.

Stigander stopped Einarr a moment after he left the deck and thrust a torch into his hand. “You’ll want this. You have a spare?”

“I do.”

Stigander nodded and stepped back from the railing as Einarr dropped to the sand below.


When they arrived, silence reigned. The freeboaters’ ship could have been just another derelict on the shore. Einarr…

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